A full service marketing company.

Over 50 years of experience serving
clients across the country.

We are uniquely positioned to offer seamless marketing management,
including creative services, production and fulfillment all in one place.

Our dedication to creating effective strategies and successful marketing campaigns provides us the opportunity to work with
regional, national and international clients. Century Marketing Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of CenturyLink.

Meet our Leadership

Dianne Acree
Jonathan Perry
Rick Herlevic
Ronnie Aaron
Paul Eason Jr.

History of Century Marketing Solutions

  1. Tom Gates Printing Company opens

    In 1966, Tom Gates opens the doors to his printing company on Cameron St between Lamy Ln and N. 29th St.

  2. Century Telephone Enterprises Becomes Parent Company

    Century Telephone Enterprises (now CenturyLink ©) acquires Tom Gates Printing Company and becomes the parent company.

  3. Century Printing and Publishing opens

    We move to our current location, 3000 Cameron Street, in Monroe, LA and reopen as Century Printing and Publishing.

  4. We Became Century Business Communications

    We renamed the company Century Business Communications to reflect new services such as database management, direct mail and fulfillment services.

  5. Acquired Sistematik Graphics in Shreveport, La.

    The Acquisition of Sistematik Graphics allowed us to increase our production capabilities.

  6. Creative Services Added

    We added a Graphic Designer to our team to assist customers with their design and marketing needs. Since then, our design department has grown steadily, creating successful campaigns for many clients.

  7. We Became Century Marketing Solutions

    As we grew from a production company to a full-service marketing company, we chose a new name to better convey our all-inclusive approach to serving our clients.

  8. Expanded and Remodeled Monroe Location

    We increased the size of our Monroe facility to accommodate new equipment and our growing workforce.

  9. Set Direct Mail Record

    In 2011, Century Marketing mailed over 100 million pieces of direct mail, a company record.

  10. Century Marketing Solutions Doubles Direct Mail Production

    Two short years later, we doubled our previous record with over 200 million direct mail pieces sent out.

  11. Mail Sorting Facility Opens

    By sorting mail in-house, we can provide our customers with fast delivery times and the best postage rates possible.